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Circling The Drain

Living in the woods, it’s hard to be a rock musician.  Sometimes you’re stuck with the drummer in Garageband.  Sometimes you get someone to come over.  For this one, I wrote the hardest drum chart I could and then put … Continue reading

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My Sad Or My

Sometimes a song starts with a melody. Sometimes it starts with a riff.  Sometimes it starts with a lyric idea.  Sometimes it starts with an idea of what I’d like to say to people about a topic (then, the listener … Continue reading

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Better Still

This is the first posting of what will probably develop further (I reserve the right to stay in process on any of this stuff, by the way).  The one voice should be two vocal parts. The voice in verse is … Continue reading

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King Bee

Cover of the Muddy Waters classic.  Super lo-fi.

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Dan Is At Home

This is from 2009.  Just me and old faithful EZ drummer! Dan Is At Home

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I realize I’m not really doing my due diligence on archiving the past.  There are some nice masters from the 90′s still laying fallow.  Really this type of tune is the reason for this blog, though.  I just love writing … Continue reading

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Killing Climb

I recorded this live take at Soundesign Studio in Brattleboro in January of 2007. Killing Climb

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Both Of Their Names Are James

I got the idea for the hook of this tune from from my neighbors down the road, the Hendersons.  Jim, the dad, has Seamus, the son, but both of their names are James.  The song is not about the Henderson … Continue reading

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