I Saw You Watchin’

The FP’s have been co-writing.  Of course, in most bands each player writes their part, but usually the main sections are composed by a single player who writes chords and melodies and most often sings lead as well.  The Partnerz are really sharing all these jobs right now and it’s stupendous to be a part of.

I Saw You Watchin’

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2 Responses to I Saw You Watchin’

  1. Jeannie Gurl says:

    Hey, love you guys. Trish has such a style of her own and quite the charismatic personality. (Love the shirt, Trish!)

    As for Keene, who could not just stumble over HIS talent? Hey all you FP’s are so powerful vocally! And oh so much fun to watch on stage. Love your banter. You RULE! And Brookline fares so well for having you all among us.

    As Doo-Wop artists, Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs sang in 1960, STAY!!!!

    Love ya one and all!

    Jeannie Gurl

    • Dan says:

      Awesome comment JG! Thanks for following along with the blog. Yeah, super stoked on the Partnerz. Those folks all showed up in Brookline and started a real renaissance.

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