A Musician’s Mission

The purpose of this blog is to disseminate my music to the public in an effective manner. For some years now I have had a website with sixty plus songs lying there, ready to be listened to or downloaded for free. It has been received in the laid back manner it was offered but now it’s time for more. This is an attempt to be more active with the world. To organize my story and tell it in a compelling way. From CBGB as a teenager on upward. To draw attention to each point in time and each element in what makes me the musician I am.


2 Responses to A Musician’s Mission

  1. Lucina says:

    Hey Dan!

    I always imagined you’d follow a career in music. I remember you being so attune even when we were just a bunch for Forest Hills brats back at PS 101.

    I am now proud mom of a teenage musician, composer, filmmaker, and writer so I love how family supports the creation of a creative. IT’s a must!!

    Dan, checked out some of the songs via YouTube, as the FB link appears broken right now. Loved the goofy session with kids, and am a fan of The Ethics song.

    I have passed on your link to my son to pass around to his friends. He attends the HS of Art & Design, concentrating on the film program.

    I am in the process of moving back to NYC after 8 years in PHX, AZ. Learned a lot out west, but now time to head back east. Looking forward to being back like a fresh water lake in middle of the desert.

    Great luck on your endeavors, and congratulations with that beautiful family of yours.

  2. Dan says:

    Thanks for the kind words and for playing my music for your son! He sounds like an interesting and interested young person. I hope he likes my old man music!

    The FB link to my website is fine. It’s just an automatic warning. Sort of a pain for me because people might click away from the blog but no danger for the internet traveler.

    Thanks for saying hi.

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