Dan Seiden has thirty years of music that he’ll admit to. He worked with Keyboardist Michael Holt in the early eighties in The Connotations. They played CBGB’s regularly. Oren Bloedow, presently of Elysian Fields, and a prolific session player, was an early collaborator and influence. Dan played Jazz with Sam Bardfield who can be heard on Bruce Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions recording. At Brown University in 1986, He formed the Round Band with drummer Jon Feinberg and bassist Joe Quigley. The Round Band opened for The Neville Brothers and Hot Tuna. Joe went to Japan my in 1989 and Dan and Jon produced what came to be known as The Woodcut Tape. After College, Seiden worked with songwriter and bassist Dan Mackenzie and drummer, cartoonist, and future film maker Anthony Avildsen in the band Onion in Los Angeles. They produced the collection 3 Doing 4. Future Stone Temple Pilots, then The Swing, stole the idea for their hit Creep from Seiden’s composition of the same title on that tape. Back to NYC in 1990 to reunite with The Round Band, playing clubs such as The Wetlands, and the Lonestar Roadhouse. The trio released two complete albums of songs. Dan collaborated with artists including Lisa Loeb and Jewel. Jon and Joe went on to fame with They Might Be Giants and as Lisa Loebs rhythm section in the band Nine Stories. Mrs. Loeb has recorded, and featured in live shows and on TV, Dan’s compositions, Drunk and I Won’t Remember and Sylvie. In 1996 Seiden moved to New Paltz and self produced “Dan Seiden Solo” which is a series of eight track compositions for voice guitar and bass. Around this time, he also collaborated with songwriter Ivan Rubenstein-Gillis in the band Joe Clay. Dan moved to Vermont in 1998. He studied various concert band instruments and conducting at UVM. It was around this time that he started making instrumental pieces for larger ensembles. In the summer of 2000 Seiden made his first and only commercially released CD, “Orville”. He produced it with Jeff Oehler on the Hive Music record label. Dan started making videos in 2001 and airing a TV show on BCTV inBrattleboro called It’s Dan Seiden(!)’s TV Show. He would film the process of making music in his studio and cut the footage to the eventual audio mix. Lately, Dan has been teaching, composing and playing live music in Vermont and, twice a year, in NYC. There are 70 plus pieces now available for free download at this website. There are many more original songs and music compositions from the past decade now, almost, ready to anthologize. That material will be released here, free. Dan just started with a band called the Fantastic Partnerz.